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Wheel Building for MotorbikesReplacing or repairing the wheel of a motorcycle is a far more complicated process than replacing a car wheel. Bike wheels are made of a number of elements that all need to work together perfectly to be strong enough to carry the bike around the roads and withstand everything streets throw at it.   And it also needs to look good as it is a key part of the appearance of the motorbike. Here at Full Circle Wheel Building, we have the knowledge and the skills to repair or replace the wheel on any modern or classic bike.

Wheel services

We aim to provide all the services that our motorcycle-loving customers require with regards to their wheels. This means if there is an accident and the wheel is damaged, we can assess if it can be repaired or not. If the answer is a negative, then we can look to build a replacement wheel to match exactly with the existing one. Our service is a comprehensive one with all spokes torqued to equal poundage without risking overexertion.

We can create wheels for road and off road bikes equally and can even build or repair wheels on pedal cycles as many of the same elements come into these. Our rates are competitive and we only allow the best quality work to leave our garage in Worcester.

Other services offered

Many times, a replacement wheel isn’t needed but the wheel does need a little care and attention.   We can work to repair and clean up all elements of the wheels including polishing, re-chrome or powder coating rims and hubs, replacing bearings if required.

We can also supply stainless, chrome or aluminium rims and look at offset or dish adjustments as required. Whatever the problem with your bike’s wheels, we are the people you can bring it to for a customised, high quality solution.


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If you are looking for a specialist in mototrcycle wheel building, renovation or supplies then we can help. We have expertise in a large range of solutions regarding bike wheels and offer a fast, efficient and cost effective service. Get in touch today for a quote on 07765 521 084 or 01684 591 239 or click the button below to send us an email.