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About wheel building servicesMotorcycle wheel building and repair isn’t something that every garage can offer – it is a specialist service and at Full Cycle Wheel Repair, it is what we do. We have extensive experience dealing with the many problems that bike wheels’ encounter as part of their normal work and we can help deal with them, from minor repairs through to building completely new wheels for your bike.

Repairing wheels

In many cases, the problem with the motorbike wheel simply requires some expert care and attention.   We offer a range of services to deal with broken or damaged wheels as well those that have cosmetic damage that spoils the look of the bike. We can offer rims polished, re-chromed or powder coated as well as hubs polished or powder coated – even bearings replaced if needed.

Our services are available for all types of bikes including modern and classics and we can even work on pedal cycles – many of the elements are the same as on motorbikes.

Building new wheels

The other main part of our service involves building new wheels when existing ones are no longer safe to use. This is a very specialist task that most garages can’t offer but we have the equipment and the knowledge to do the job. We also have a series of comprehensive checks we follow to ensure that the wheels we make are to the same standard as the existing one – all spokes torqued to equal poundage without the risk of overexertion being one example.

We can create wheels for road and off-road bikes of all types and have a good turnaround time with the best possible prices. Being based in Worcester, we are here for local customers but also happily help customers who travel from further away. Simply give us a call about your wheel problem or pop into the garage for more information.


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If you are looking for a specialist in mototrcycle wheel building, renovation or supplies then we can help. We have expertise in a large range of solutions regarding bike wheels and offer a fast, efficient and cost effective service. Get in touch today for a quote on 07765 521 084 or 01684 591 239 or click the button below to send us an email.